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AI Reduces Surprise Bills

Enhancing Payment Integrity With AI To Eliminate Surprise Bills

It’s common for people to feel surprised by the cost of hospital, medical imaging, or outpatient surgery bills. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for them to verify whether the bill is accurate or not. This is because incorrect medical bills have become increasingly common. To address this issue, organizations are turning to technologies such as artificial intelligence […]
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AI in Electronic Health Records

How AI Rules Electronic Health Records and its Benefits?

The key benefits of AI in Electronic health records are improving productivity, providing better-personalized care, and facilitating support for decision-making. Medical imaging advances and the proliferation of clinical diagnostics and screenings generate large amounts of health data. In large, integrated healthcare delivery systems, EHRs are often regarded as inflexible, difficult to use, and expensive to […]
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Top 5 Business Benefits of Early AI-Analytics Adopters

Pre-trained AI for life sciences opens endless possibilities where the application readily understands life sciences data sources, business terminologies, and key metrics. Out-of-the-box models allow for a seamless integration with enterprise applications and are easily deployed within weeks, and don’t demand any major investments in change management from the business or IT. Models that are […]
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How Artificial Intelligence Can Make U.S. Healthcare More Efficient

For the past several decades, patients, providers, and payers have lamented the health of the U.S. healthcare system. Just this past fall, JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association, estimated that close to 30% of healthcare spending in the U.S. “may be considered waste.”1 Over these same several decades, an important technology — artificial intelligence […]
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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Healthcare

Among the many examples of Artificial Intelligence, AI in healthcare is clearly one of the leaders. AI is already reshaping medicine in many ways, and its influence will only increase in the years ahead. To shed light on this major shift, I spoke with Dr. Krishnan Nandabalan, founder and CEO of InveniAI, an AI healthcare company based in Connecticut. We […]
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AI In Healthcare: Fact Or Fiction?

Patients experienced out-of-pocket increases as high as 12% for their healthcare costs last year, according to a new analysis by TransUnion Healthcare. Technology experts have promised artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will revolutionize healthcare. Applications have the potential to streamline workflows and reduce human errors, speeding drug discovery, assisting surgery, and provisioning better […]
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