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Higher Bills Are Leading Americans To Delay Medical Care

Inflation and pressing household expenses are forcing some people to postpone health needs, an emerging trend that has health experts worried that conditions may only worsen. Megan Swanson has warily watched the erosion of her family’s savings as inflation chips away at a reserve for emergencies. She often postpones any regular doctor’s appointments, including her […]
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Uninsured Consumers Also Protected From High Surprise Bills

Most providers understand the “No Surprises” requirements for insured patients. Effective as of Jan. 1, 2022, uninsured (or self-pay) consumers are also protected from unexpected high medical bills. If a consumer doesn’t have health insurance or doesn’t plan to use insurance to pay for health care items or services, they must be given a “good […]
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Major insurers running billions of dollars behind on payments to hospitals and doctors

Anthem Blue Cross, the country’s second-biggest health insurance company, is behind on billions of dollars in payments owed to hospitals and doctors because of onerous new reimbursement rules, computer problems and mishandled claims, say hospital officials in multiple states. Anthem, like other big insurers, is using the COVID-19 crisis as cover to institute “egregious” policies […]
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Patient Payments Trends To Watch

Device agnostic digital patient intake; buy now, pay later; compassionate billing; and AI-enabled customizable payment plans are four trends that rev cycle leaders should watch as the pandemic rages on. Despite promises of a “hot-vaxxed summer,” the COVID-19 pandemic is raging on, more forcefully in some places than ever before. It’s also continuing to take […]
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Benefits of HIPAA-Compliant Emails

Payment collection continues to be a challenge for healthcare providers. As we previously reported for Physician’s Practice, studies have indicated that doctors only collect 12% of what they are owed at the time of service, and in two out of three visits they collect nothing upfront at all. This means that physicians are sending bills to collect […]
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Surprise Billing Fight Escalates As Providers Win Arbitration Add To House Bill

The House Energy and Commerce Committee passed the No Surprises Act with a provider-backed amendment adding an arbitration clause Wednesday afternoon. It will now head to the full House for consideration. Dive Brief: The House Energy and Commerce Committee is planning to add third-party arbitration to its surprise billing legislation, the No Surprises Act, on […]
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Three Ways to Facilitate Better Decision-Making with Claims Automation

Suggestions for conducting peer-to-peer appeals for denials management. Claims Automation has been a part of the workers’ compensation and auto casualty industries for years, but today, a large opportunity still remains to increase in the claims automation process. The future of automation in the Property and Casualty industry is not to replace jobs but instead […]
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Could AI-Driven Medical Billing be The Key to Keeping Struggling Hospitals in the Black?

The entrepreneurs behind Sift Healthcare are using predictive analytics (AI) to crack the code on unpaid medical bills, helping health facilities work smarter when managing budgets. Last month, Alabama’s Georgiana Medical Center closed its doors, making it the 13th Alabama hospital to close in eight years. Seven of the 13 shuttered hospitals served rural communities. In […]
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4 Ways to Stop Losing Patients Over Medical Bills

Every business not only wants to attract new customers but to keep its existing ones, and hospitals and health systems are no different. Unfortunately, surprise medical bills can be the element that drives patients away from one hospital and into the waiting arms of the competition. New research published this month in Health Affairs provides hospitals with […]
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