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Navigating E&M Code Changes

It is expected that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will release a completely revamped version of the evaluation and management (E&M) codes by 2021, particularly for the office visit codes (999201-99205 and 99211-99215). In addition to the changes to the office visit codes, there were significant changes to the 2023 guidelines. These […]
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Complex Coding Procedure

6 Strategies for Accurate Coding for Complex Procedures

In the healthcare industry, accurate coding is crucial for ensuring proper reimbursement, maintaining patient records, and conducting data analysis. This becomes particularly important when dealing with complex procedures, which often involve multiple steps, specialized equipment, and nuanced documentation. Errors in coding for complex procedures can lead to a cascade of issues, including delayed payments, inaccurate […]
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5 Common Medical Coding Mistakes

Tips to Avoid 5 Common Coding Mistakes That Cost Revenue

Here are five common mistakes you should avoid to prevent revenue loss 1. Inappropriate medical Coding: Frequently, medical coding for evaluation/management services tends to be excessively aggressive or overly passive, leading to coding errors. These mistakes are primarily due to the misinterpretation of E/M coding guidelines and the fast-paced nature of the clinical environment. Aggressive […]
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Scope And Advantages Of Medical Coding And Billing Audit

A domestic medical coding and billing audit is an operation that inspects and estimates the value and dependability of clinical documentation and the overall medical billing process. This technique closely examines health records upheld by the practice and evaluates medical billing data presented to the payers to make sure that the practice picks out, observes, […]
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