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Upcoming Changes in COVID-19 Vaccine Coding

COVID-19 Vaccine Coding Updates: What You Need to Know

An Oncoming Wave of 70+ Coding Revisions Is Approaching. Starting from November 1st, the American Medical Association is eliminating nearly all of the COVID-19 vaccine-related CPT® codes that were developed over the past several years. Instead, there will be a more concise set of product codes and a solitary administration code to replace them. What […]
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More ICD-10-PCS Codes Released for April 2022

There are 200 new codes, 62 revised titles, and 107 deleted codes. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released a new erratum for ICD-10-PCS on Jan. 12. Two additional procedure codes will be effective April 1, 2022. These codes have also been added to V39.1, Medicare Severity Diagnosis Related Groups (MS-DRGs). The new […]
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Learn More About 2022 HCPCS Level II Code Changes

In first-quarter 2022, the HCPCS Level II code set will get a refresh with several new, revised, and deleted codes. According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), there are: 155 new codes, 63 revised codes, and 48 deleted codes. Medical coders and billers: Familiarize yourself now with these code changes so you’re […]
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