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Medicare Advantage Plans and the Two-Midnight Rule

Controversy continues to swirl around this subject. A recent article of mine focused on the argument that Medicare Advantage (MA) plans have to follow the two-midnight rule. It certainly generated buzz; I received a number of emails with comments and questions. First, I want to note that I love getting comments and questions. I can’t […]
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Federal Policy to End Surprise Billing: Building on Prior Approaches

Ending surprise medical bills has risen to a national priority with bipartisan political interest. In January, President Donald Trump directed Cabinet officials to find a solution, and multiple congressional bills were proposed in the last Congress with the same goal. Surprise medical bills consist of unanticipated charges from out-of-network clinicians—often when the facility or primary physician is […]
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Medicare Advantage Plans Are Supposed to Follow the Two-Midnight Rules

That statement may appear to be somewhat controversial, but it shouldn’t be. First, plans are required to provide the patient with benefits that are at least as generous as those required under the two-midnight rules. If that were the only factor in play here, I would say it would mean that the patient can’t be […]
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