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2024 Patient Experience trends

Healthier Horizons: Patient Experience Trends for 2024

The healthcare landscape is undergoing an unprecedented evolution, set to drive a significant transformation in patient experience in 2024. Recent technological advancements, coupled with increased patient expectations for enhanced care, are converging with a comprehensive approach encompassing clinical, social, and behavioral facets of patient well-being. This convergence necessitates the modernization of care delivery systems to […]
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Revenue Cycle Management Tips for New Year

Revenue Cycle Management Tips for the New Year 2024

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) has become increasingly important. In order to ensure financial stability and success, healthcare providers must stay up-to-date with the latest revenue cycle management strategies and best practices. 6 Tips for Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management 2024 1. Embrace Technology Advancements in technology have revolutionized […]
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Impact of CARE Act laws

Impact of CARE Act laws on Patient Outcomes

Policies designed to improve communication with patients and caregivers during hospitalization appear to be leading to better outcomes, researchers have found. Researchers with the University of Pennsylvania examined the impact of state laws that bring the caregiver into the process. The findings of the study were published May 1 in Jama Network Open. Since 2014, 42 states have […]
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Five Healthcare Trends To Note In 2023

The leaders’ guide on what’s shaping the industry. Now is the time for decisive action and visionary leadership as the healthcare industry moves past the urgency of the pandemic—which forever changed care delivery and the workforce—to opportunities that will create a more patient-centric and sustainable healthcare system. That takes a watchful eye from leaders on […]
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Role of Compliance in Protecting Patients

Digital technologies are transforming healthcare by reducing human errors, facilitating the coordination of care, and improving efficiencies within medical practices. Healthcare IT enables providers to more easily manage the practice, big or small, so they can focus on serving their patients. Because of the sensitive personal and health information stored and transmitted via digital health […]
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How 5 Steps For Transforming Patient Access Saved $20M

‘If you can get it right up front, you’re ensuring accuracy, preventing rework, and preventing denials,’ says Alicia Auman, director of patient access at KSB Hospital. Patient access plays a tremendously important role within the revenue cycle, which is why Alicia Auman, director of patient access at KSB Hospital in Dixon, Illinois, has worked so […]
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2022 Medicare Advantage Plan Overview, Part Three: Social Determinants

“Medicare Advantage plans have a unique and growing opportunity to address the needs of socioeconomically vulnerable populations and improve their health,” reports America’s Health Insurance Plans. More plans for individuals with low incomes, as well as targeted SDOH investments and initiatives, round out carrier approaches. On the benefits side, offerings such as meals, transportation, and […]
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Automating Revenue Cycle Management Improves Patient Experience

The right revenue cycle management technology can create a transparent, seamless patient experience, which benefits the bottom line. For the longest time, revenue cycle management has been the man behind the curtain. Healthcare organizations have focused on improving the clinical experience using technology and provider education while telling patients and providers to pay no attention […]
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