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Telemedicine Use Higher Among PCPs with Value-Based Payment

A study of Medicare Advantage enrollees during the COVID-19 pandemic found that telemedicine use soared among primary care practices with value-based payment models. Telemedicine use skyrocketed among primary care practices during the pandemic, specifically for those with a value-based payment model, according to a research letter published in JAMA Health Forum. Many patients were forced […]
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New Payment Model from CMS Target Kidney Disease and Radiation Therapy

President Trump issues an executive order on kidney disease and a new payment model for radiation therapy. As reported by Dr. Ronald Hirsch on the RACmonitor.com Monitor Mondays webcast, last week the president issued an executive order on kidney disease. The executive order was touted by many in the medical community because all are aware […]
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CMS Posts 2020 IRF Proposed Rule

The focus on electronic health record implementation has turned to how to make use of the vast data stored within to improve revenue cycle operations (IRF). Proposed rule calls amending regulations clarifying the determination as to whether a physician qualifies as a rehabilitation physician is made by the IRF. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid […]
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