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Telehealth Rule Changes

Congress Backs Permanent Telehealth Rule Changes

A new bill pending in Congress could make permanent the telehealth changes that proved beneficial to physicians and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, a leading physician group is now backing site-neutral payment for medical services. These two topics have recently been the subject of renewed discussion due to proposals by federal policy makers. CONNECT […]
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AMA Challenges MedPAC Suggestion to Freeze Medicare Physician Payment

The industry group states that Medicare physician payment bump will hinder the delivery of high-quality care as providers face financial burdens. MedPAC, a panel tasked with advising Congress on issues impacting the Medicare program, voted to recommend no increase to 2023 Medicare reimbursement rates for physicians. “Temporary or high variable coronavirus effects are best addressed […]
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Physicians Collect More From Surprise Medical Bills in ED

Physicians in a hospital’s emergency department (ED) collected significantly more of the charged amount for likely surprise medical bills compared to other patient cases, a new study in Health Affairs reveals. In the event of a likely surprise medical bill, physicians collected 65 percent of the charged amount compared with just 52 percent for other cases. Researchers also found […]
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CMS’ New Primary Care Payment Models: What You Need To Know

CMS has announced a new set of primary care payment models. The Primary Cares Initiative is intended to deliver better value for patients, reduce administrative burden for physicians, and empower them to spend more time caring for patients. The initiative will provide primary care practices and other providers with five new primary care payment models […]
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