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Differences: Preventive vs. Office Visits in Medical Coding & Billing

Preventive Services Vs Office Visits: It is important to note that Medicare does not cover preventive services in the same manner as commercial payers. Therefore, it is important to know the patient’s policy and insurance coverage. Table A shows a breakdown of the coverage parameters. Understanding the distinction between Preventive Services Vs Office Visits is […]
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UHC Commercial Plan Focuses on Price Transparency and Preventive Care

Commercial Plan Prioritizes Affordable Healthcare and Preventive Measures

The emphasis on preventive care by the payer likely contributed to its high re-enrollment rate. Insurance Company’s employer-sponsored healthcare plan, compliant with the Affordable Care Act, has emerged as the fastest-growing commercial plan for the payer. Data from the payer’s Impact Study suggests that the healthcare plan company’s focus on both price transparency and preventive […]
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How Population Health, Risk Stratification Support Value-Based Care

To excel in value-based care, providers must lean on strategies for managing population health and skillful risk stratification. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations observed the ramifications of fee-for-service, leading to communication and revenue challenges for both providers and patients. While value-based care is not a novel idea, the pandemic greatly accelerated the adoption of this […]
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How Urgent Care Enables Care Access, Reduces Healthcare Costs

  Urgent care centers have assisted in the country’s COVID-19 response, but their value extends well beyond the pandemic. The past decade has witnessed a surge in the number of urgent care centers, with more than 9,000 of these facilities located across the United States. With the country dealing with the effects of the coronavirus […]
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