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Medical Coding Automation

How Medical Coding Automation Enhances Primary Care Practices

Physicians are currently facing challenging times. The existing shortage of doctors, compounded by the pandemic, has exacerbated the patient-to-physician ratio. With an increase in patients, there’s a corresponding surge in administrative tasks for doctors. Consequently, this diminishes the time available for patient care and heightens stress levels among physicians. Furthermore, this situation often leads to […]
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Prior Authorizations and MedPAC Recommendations: MGMA’s view

Prior authorizations and Medicare reimbursements are some of the most consistently cited sources of issues at primary care practices. Anders Gilberg, senior vice president of government affairs for the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), joined us in April to discuss his organization’s lobbying efforts. The following interview has been edited for length and clarity. Medical […]
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Preventing coding and billing errors can reduce claims denials

For primary care practices, earning enough revenue to meet overhead expenses and provide quality care has always been a challenge. But practices often make the challenge even greater through sloppy coding and billing, leading to delayed or incorrect reimbursements from payers. To see the entire video presentation, go here. INTRODUCTION For primary care practices, earning […]
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