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Benefits of Automated Medical Coding

How Automated Medical Coding Benefits Healthcare Sectors?

The relationship between medical coding and patient care may not initially appear connected, and they may even seem like complete opposites. While medical coding focuses on billing and revenue, patient care revolves around providing care to individuals. An from leading E-magazine’s recent article  emphasized this distinction, asserting that prioritizing care is essential over coding. However, […]
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AI Improves Physician Readiness For Patients

Computerized artificial intelligence (AI) cut the time primary care physicians spent sifting through patient charts – but helped them feel better prepared for patient visits. The findings were part of a study by the American Academy of Family Physicians’ (AAFP) Innovation Lab. AAFP worked with a computer program developer to test its AI Assistant program […]
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HHS Proposes HIPAA Modifications

The Department of Health and Human Services on Thursday unveiled proposed changes to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Privacy Rule that federal officials say will improve patient access to their medical records, encourage coordinated care and cut red tape. “Our proposed changes to the HIPAA Privacy Rule will break down barriers that have stood in […]
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Improving Coding Processes to Achieve Value-Based Care Success

Primary care physicians (PCPs) face increasing challenges in the current healthcare environment: not having enough resources to care for patients, declining practice revenues, and overwhelming administrative burdens. On top of all that, there is a necessary, but mounting pressure to shift to value-based care. Having run a cardiothoracic surgery practice for 25 years, I have […]
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What Providers Need to Know Right Now About PDPM

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) takes effect on Oct. 1. When the reform takes effect, long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) facilities will see a big change in how they receive payment for delivering valuable patient care. While the payment reform will inevitably bring challenges, it will also present a significant […]
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ICD-10, Diagnostic Errors & Payment Reforms to Improve Diagnostic Accuracy

In October 2015, physicians across the United States transitioned from the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, Ninth Revision to the tenth revision (ICD-10-CM, the US version of the World Health Organization [WHO] ICD-10). Although the ICD-10-CM was a new concept for physicians in the United States, the international variant has been available since […]
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