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Top challenges providers face in alternative payment models

Keep these challenges in mind when choosing an alternative payment model for your practice. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) is promoting Alternative Payment Models (APMs) as a tool to reel in costs while improving patient outcomes. Now in its second decade, CMMI is continuing to expand APMs to drive health system transformation. […]
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Federal Court Strikes Portions of Regulations Implementing No Surprises Act

On Wednesday, February 23, 2022, a federal court in Texas struck down five controversial portions of the interim final rule (“Rule”) jointly issued by three federal executive agencies (“Departments”) that implement the independent dispute resolution (“IDR”) process of the No Surprises Act (“NSA”). The portions of the Rule at issue set forth certain parameters for […]
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HHS to Distribute $560M in Phase 4 COVID-19 Provider Relief Funds

The third batch of Phase 4 COVID-19 Provider Relief Funds will offer $560 million to 4,100 providers who faced revenue loss during the pandemic and serve vulnerable populations. HHS is distributing another $560 million in Provider Relief Fund Phase 4 payments to over 4,100 healthcare providers that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Provider […]
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National Healthcare Spending, Prices Saw Modest Increase in 2021

National healthcare spending increased by 3.4 percent in 2021, while the Health Care Price Index (HCPI) maintained a year-over-year growth of around 2 percent, according to Altarum’s February 2022 Health Sector Economic Indicators (HSEI) briefs. Unlike the December 2021 and January 2022 briefs, Altarum included federal government expenditures in the February data, which significantly impacted […]
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Build your financial success dream team

Many busy physicians find they don’t have the time and energy to develop a savvy financial plan for their practice or their own personal needs. That’s why physicians needs the collaborative support and guidance of a good financial team. Many physicians never learned anything in medical school about running a business or handling personal finances, […]
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AMA: Prior Authorization Creates Physician Burden, Patient Care Delays

Although health plans aim to promote value-based care with prior authorization requirements, providers and patients may experience negative repercussions from the process. Prior authorization negatively impacted patients and providers alike by leading to care delays for patients and creating administrative burden for physicians, according to a survey from the American Medical Association (AMA). Health plans […]
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2022 Claims Reimbursement Updates in Emergency Medicine

Emergency medicine is facing a host of claims reimbursement updates this year, from looming Medicare payment cuts to new rules about the split and critical care visits. Emergency department providers are still reeling from the effects of the ongoing pandemic. But other important updates are also happening in the background—and they are likely to impact […]
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AHIP warns proposed ACA exchange rule could threaten market’s growing stability

AHIP, the top lobbying organization for commercial insurers, is warning the feds that provisions in its proposed rule governing the Affordable Care Act’s exchanges for 2023 could “undermine” the growing stability there. For instance, the group says in comments (PDF) submitted late Thursday that potential changes to requirements for essential health benefits would limit the […]
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