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8 Successful Tactics for Reducing Denied Claims 2024

Roughly 65% of rejected claims aren’t reprocessed for resubmission (Zindl, 2021). As one of the healthcare industry’s numerous challenges, the upward trend of denied claims persists, with many left unaddressed. This has repercussions for both providers and patients alike. When denied claims remain unsubmitted, providers face substantial losses. Beyond revenue, these rejections strain staffing resources. […]
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Challenges in Insurance Reimbursement

Top 4 Challenges in Insurance Reimbursement Faced by Physicians

Access to beneficial healthcare is largely tied to insurance reimbursements for many Americans. Yet, despite their significance, physicians encounter various obstacles in obtaining these payments. Challenges involve inconsistent reimbursement schedules, payment audits, billing errors, unforeseen denials, lengthy appeals, and services falling outside coverage. These issues can hinder timely care, disrupt service continuity, and leave medical […]
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Medical Billing Strategies

4 Strategies to Optimize Billing and Expand Your Customer Base

The increasing demand for incontinence products is prompting home medical equipment (HME) providers to reevaluate their existing incontinence programs. With the U.S. witnessing a significant rise in the aging population, marked by 10,000 people turning 65 every day according to the U.N. Population Division, there is a growing market for incontinence products. Studies from Mayo […]
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7 Tips for Diagnostic Radiology Coding

In essence, rediology coding is the process of translating medical procedures performed in radiology into universal alphanumeric codes. These codes are crucial for billing purposes, as they determine the reimbursement received by healthcare providers from insurance companies. Adhere to the guidelines provided by CPT®, ACR, and payers to ensure precise reporting and appropriate reimbursement. Diagnostic […]
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