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Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for alternative healthcare delivery methods. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) emerged as a valuable complement to telehealth, allowing doctors to remotely monitor patients’ health data in real-time. How Remote patient monitoring Works RPM utilizes various devices to track vital signs like blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar. It can […]
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Telehealth coding

Master Telehealth Coding: A Guide to Reimbursement and Avoiding Denials

Navigating the complexities of telehealth coding is crucial for ensuring that services are properly reimbursed. This guide provides essential information and tips for coding telehealth services accurately, helping physicians avoid denials and recoupments. 1. Telephone Services: Use Cases: Suitable for straightforward problems like simple rashes, asymptomatic coughs, and medication refills. Requires a minimum of five […]
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Top 10 Healthcare Technology Trends 2024: AI, Virtual Care, and More

Healthcare is facing an escalating crisis due to workforce shortages, expected to persist into 2024. This situation has compelled healthcare organizations to operate with constrained resources while grappling with financial strain. Concurrently, healthcare leaders acknowledge the imperative of tackling widening health inequalities and environmental issues to ensure the sustainability and inclusivity of healthcare systems. The […]
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Four Common Forms of Virtual Care Reimbursed in Half of US States

According to a recent report, 25 states now provide reimbursement for video, store-and-forward, and audio-only telehealth, as well as remote patient monitoring through Medicaid. Although every state and Washington, D.C. include some form of live video-based telehealth in their Medicaid programs, only 25 of them also offer Medicaid reimbursement for live video, store-and-forward telehealth, remote […]
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CMS Proposes Changes to Remote Patient Monitoring in PFS Proposed Rule for 2024

The 2024 physician fee schedule (PFS) proposed rule has been released by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Within this rule, remote physiologic monitoring (RPM), also known as remote patient monitoring, has garnered significant attention. While customary for a proposed rule, CMS has introduced several suggested modifications to RPM. However, what sets this […]
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AI in Healthcare with ChatGPT

Exploring the Potential of AI in Healthcare with ChatGPT

Since the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT last year, healthcare executives have been actively discussing the potential of artificial intelligence in healthcare. The technology is constantly advancing, and health systems are closely monitoring its applications for maximum benefits. Microsoft is said to be working on a healthcare-oriented version of ChatGPT that prioritizes privacy, and they have […]
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Patients Prefer Telehealth For Common Illnesses

More than half of patients are concerned about the quality of care they’re receiving, according to the Software Advice survey. One of the firm’s analysts dives into the results. Telemedicine has, at long last, become very popular. But lingering concerns remain on its effectiveness for certain diagnoses and treatments. Software Advice’s 2022 State of Telemedicine […]
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Role of Compliance in Protecting Patients

Digital technologies are transforming healthcare by reducing human errors, facilitating the coordination of care, and improving efficiencies within medical practices. Healthcare IT enables providers to more easily manage the practice, big or small, so they can focus on serving their patients. Because of the sensitive personal and health information stored and transmitted via digital health […]
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What’s Ahead For Telehealth Policy After the Pandemic

Federal and state advocacy team members discussed the status of telehealth policy as the public health emergency deadline looms and the industry questions, ‘Is the pandemic over?’ The American Telehealth Association is working with Congress and several federal agencies to shape the fate of policies and payments for telehealth services that experienced a rapid uptake […]
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CMS Faces Calls to Improve Remote Patient Monitoring Coverage in 2022 PFS

Telehealth advocates are submitting recommendations to CMS to improve coverage for remote patient monitoring services in the proposed 2022 Physician Fee Schedule. With remote patient monitoring projects surging in popularity as a result of the pandemic, telehealth advocates are lobbying the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to improve proposed coverage plans in the 2022 […]
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