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3 Strategies for Revenue Cycle Management Optimization

Optimizing revenue cycle management is pivotal in rebounding from the profound losses of the previous year. Leading provider organizations have devised three potent strategies. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, fine-tuning revenue cycle management takes precedence for financial leaders. Last year, healthcare institutions grappled with substantial declines in both revenue and patient volume, all […]
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Rising Denied Claims: Impact on Hospitals’ Cashflow Delays

Hospital bills that remain unpaid for over 90 days often stem from claims that were initially rejected by payers. Additionally, the longer a bill is initially declined, the greater the likelihood that it will take more than 90 days to be resolved. These discoveries are highlighted in a recent report by Healthcare Consulting Company, which […]
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Top 7 Revenue Cycle Management Technologies for Providers

Revenue cycle technology comes in various forms, tailored to the specific needs of healthcare providers, yet these indispensable tools have become vital for ensuring seamless operations within the revenue cycle. The healthcare revenue cycle represents a vast and intricate operation that encompasses a range of activities, from patient registration and insurance verification to denials management […]
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Revenue Cycle KPIs Are Evolving as Automation Takes Hold

Leaders identified the number of days a claim sits in accounts receivable, the number of past due patient bills, and initial denials rates as top revenue cycle KPIs. The top revenue cycle key performance indicators (KPIs) are evolving as more organizations use automation to pinpoint high value operations to improve revenue cycle management, according to […]
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