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Outsourcing RCM Services can Lead to Better Outcomes

A report highlights pandemic-related impacts of the past year on revenue cycle challenges. As the labor shortage continues to hamper healthcare organizations, outsourcing has become a common strategy to mitigate costs. Nearly one-third of hospital and health system leaders (63%) have pursued at least one outsourcing solution, with revenue cycle functions at the top of […]
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Hospitals Increased Recruitment and Retention Strategies

The majority of hospital leaders reported raising starting salaries and introducing signing bonuses to improve recruitment as they manage persistent workforce shortages. Hospitals and health systems have increased their recruitment and retention strategies as workforce shortages and high expenses continue to be top challenges in 2022. The 2022 Healthcare Performance Improvement Report reflects responses from […]
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How Intelligent Automation Can Address 3 Revenue Cycle Challenges

Artificial intelligence (AI) has received a lot of buzz and been positioned as the central healthcare technology needed to solve many financial challenges and digitally transform internal operations. However, if you’re looking for practical solutions that can address variable activities and complete work with a high level of quality, today, healthcare organizations should look to intelligent […]
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Top 3 Challenges To Revenue Cycle Transformation

Hospitals and health systems are exploring ways to revenue cycle transformation processes to offset financial pressures. However, shifting to a new business model for revenue cycle management can be challenging. The hospital revenue cycle has become increasingly complex in recent years for several reasons, including the shift away from fee-for-service medicine, the adoption of advanced […]
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