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Three Strategies for Streamlining Denials Management

Three Strategies for Streamlining Denials Management

Revenue cycle leaders continue to face significant stress due to regulatory burdens and persistent denials, which are exerting immense pressure on revenue cycles. Despite having a well-functioning front, middle, and back-end revenue cycle, payers often disrupt the process by introducing complexities and constantly changing rules within their intricate, multi-tiered structures. This unpredictable behavior from payers […]
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Why Denials Management is Crucial for Revenue Cycle Leaders – Again

Revenue cycle leaders were asked to rank the most time-consuming tasks at their organization, and the results aren’t surprising. 556 chief financial officers and revenue cycle leaders at hospitals and health systems across the United States were asked to rank the most time-consuming revenue cycle tasks at their organizations in a new survey commissioned by […]
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Top Trends Of Revenue Cycle In 2023

Healthcare providers before reeling down the effect of the extended period of misfortune due to COVID-19 were additionally affected by pretentious impact and rising cost of healthcare supplies. RCM leaders are currently focused on two central themes: safeguarding their revenue and maximizing efficiency with limited resources. Unfortunately, the effects of the great resignation have resulted […]
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New Diagnosis Codes For 2023 With A Focus On SDoH

On April 1, your revenue cycle will have additional diagnosis code options to further capture social determinants of health. The CDC just released upcoming changes to both the ICD-10-CM diagnosis code set and the official coding guidelines. The new changes include 42 diagnosis code additions, seven deletions, and one code revision. All changes will go […]
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COVID-19 Codes Brought Multitude of Post-Acute Conditions

The spotlight is on your revenue cycle’s coding team as COVID-19 reporting sheds light on a multitude of post-acute conditions brought on by the virus. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Network Open found that between October 1, 2021, and January 31, 2022, providers used ICD-10-CM code U09.9 (post-COVID-19 […]
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CPT Code Set Released for the year 2023

The American Medical Association (AMA) says the 2023 CPT code updates emphasize its efforts to reduce administrative tasks. The AMA released the calendar year 2023 CPT code set, which builds on the AMA’s efforts to reduce administrative tasks in medicine, according to a recent press release. The CPT code update contains 393 changes, including 225 […]
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22% of Revenue Cycle Leaders Outsource Outpatient RCM

The findings demonstrate a growing interest in digitally transforming outpatient RCM to improve efficiencies and optimize revenue. About 22% of revenue cycle leaders who manage their inpatient revenue cycle management already outsource some of their outpatient RCM, and 12% have ambitions to do so in the future, find a new survey conducted by the Healthcare […]
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