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3 Strategies for Revenue Cycle Management Optimization

Optimizing revenue cycle management is pivotal in rebounding from the profound losses of the previous year. Leading provider organizations have devised three potent strategies. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, fine-tuning revenue cycle management takes precedence for financial leaders. Last year, healthcare institutions grappled with substantial declines in both revenue and patient volume, all […]
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Effective Revenue Cycle Management Strategies to Reduce Denials & Boost Revenue

Healthcare organizations consistently grapple with the complexity of overseeing their revenue cycles—a comprehensive process spanning patient registration, appointment scheduling, and concluding with balance payments. Yet, a pivotal hurdle disrupting this cycle’s seamless operation is the prevalent occurrence of claim denials. Vital for any healthcare institution’s financial well-being is the imperative to diminish these denials and […]
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3 Key Strategies for Revenue Cycle Leadership for Operational Success in 2023

To ensure both financial stability and operational efficiency, revenue cycle leaders must reinforce three essential areas. The challenges of grappling with low operating margins, diminished reimbursements, and escalating costs will persist throughout 2024. In an era where a subpar financial journey could overshadow a top-tier clinical experience for patients, the burden on revenue cycle leaders […]
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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Strategies to Boost Revenue

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Strategies to Boost Practice Revenue

Insufficient implementation of revenue cycle management (RCM) strategies may result in disorderliness. Conversely, optimizing RCM in conjunction with billing and collection procedures can mitigate the difficulties, leading to amplified revenue for the practice. The Role of RCM in the Healthcare Sector RCM encompasses both the clinical and business aspects of healthcare institutions, linking patient care […]
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3 Revenue Cycle Management Strategies for EDs in a Time of Crisis

Financial indicators, staffing, and leadership are three key factors emergency departments should prioritize for effective revenue cycle management during the COVID-19 crisis. At the start of the year, emergency departments (EDs) across the country began to prepare for an expected surge of patients infected with COVID-19, altering revenue cycle management and operational strategies. By March, […]
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