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Surprise Billing Dispute Resolution: Challenges, Lawsuits, and Proposed Changes

This year, the CMS has frequently halted and resumed arbitration due to court cases causing disruptions in the regulatory process aimed at settling surprise billing disputes. Summary Overview: Last Friday, the CMS finalized its revamp of the No Surprises Act resolution process, fully reopening the portal for resolving disputes, including batched and single disputes for […]
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Revenue Cycle Will Be The Main Focus Of Advocacy For 2023

Each year the American Hospital Association (AHA) releases an advocacy agenda focusing on key areas in need of “critical support” for hospitals and health systems, and this year, quite a few key areas will be focused on your revenue cycle. “Hospitals and health systems are dealing with unprecedented challenges as they manage the aftershocks and […]
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No Surprises Act Compliance Debuted as a New Burden

Regulatory burden is on the rise yet again as practices struggle with prior authorizations, No Surprises Act compliance, and the Quality Payment Program, MGMA reports. Prior authorizations are still the top regulatory burden according to executives from group practices, while No Surprises Act compliance has debuted on the list this year as the second most […]
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State Surprise Billing Laws for Out of Network Payment | Case Studies | AllZone Management Services Inc.

State Surprise Billing Laws Impact Out-of-Network Provider Charges

Provider charges for out-of-network care increased by $1,157 after the passage of state surprise billing laws that allow arbitrators to consider provider charges in a surprise billing dispute. State surprise billing laws that allow arbitrators to consider provider charges when determining out-of-network payment amounts for surprise medical bills led to an increase in billed charges […]
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Final Surprise Billing Rules QPA

Biden Administration Releases Final Surprise Billing Rules

The final surprise billing rules downgrade the weight the QPA has on out-of-network payment determinations and establishes documentation requirements for down coding situations. The Biden Administration has released final surprise billing rules implementing the No Surprises Act, a federal law enacted in January 2021 that protects patients from out-of-network medical bills when they seek care […]
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Surprise Medical Bills for nearly 20% of Adults

Twenty percent of adults said they or a family member has received a surprise medical bill since the No Surprises Act went into effect on Jan. 1 according to a Morning Consultant report released July 7. Morning Consultant conducted a survey among a representative sample of 2,210 U.S. adults between June 22-24, according to the […]
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mgma requests updates to independent dispute resolution portal | AllZone Management Services Inc.

MGMA Requests Updates to Independent Dispute Resolution Portal

The organization recommended CMS update the independent dispute resolution portal to improve communication between disputing parties and adjust the form field requirements. The Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) has asked CMS to update the federal independent dispute resolution (IDR) portal to streamline the arbitration process for determining an out-of-network payment rate for a surprise medical […]
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No Surprises Act May Have Blocked 2M Surprise Billing Claims | AllZone Management Services Inc.

No Surprises Act May Have Blocked 2M Surprise Billing Claims

The No Surprises Act came into effect in December 2021, potentially averting countless instances of unexpected billing claims within its initial two months of implementation. By May 24, 2022, the No Surprises Act had already thwarted over two million cases of surprise billing claims during its initial two-month span, as per a survey conducted by […]
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HHS requests a hold on its surprise billing appeal

After appealing the courts’ ruling on vacating a piece of arbitration within the No Surprises Act, HHS asks the court for a hold on its plea. HHS recently requested for a hold on its appeal of a Texas federal court ruling vacating parts of the independent dispute resolution (IDR) process in the surprise billing interim […]
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