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Financial planning for Surprise Medical Bills

Costly medical emergencies have the potential to impose a significant financial strain. It’s important to recognize that unexpected and expensive health issues can affect anyone. While we can’t predict when or if we’ll face an unforeseen health challenge, we can take steps to be financially ready. Below are some approaches to kick start your preparations. […]
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Big surprises in the No Surprises Act

In one of the biggest attempts by the federal government to combat surprise medical billing, Congress in late 2020 passed the No Surprises Act (NSA), which imposes a host of new transparency and coverage requirements for employer-sponsored group health plans. Many of the most significant coverage changes were required to be implemented on Jan. 1, […]
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No Surprises Act Notice Requirements: The Good and Bad News for Providers

Surprise billing occurs when patients receive care from out-of-network providers without their knowledge. On July 1, the Biden Administration passed an interim final rule: the first portion of the “Requirements Related to the Surprise Billing Act,” in an attempt to curb excessive costs patients are required to pay in relation to surprise billing. The rule […]
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Understanding 2021 Changes in Emergency Medicine Reimbursement

Emergency medicine groups face several changes this year, including a new federal ban on surprise medical billing, updates to the Medicare reimbursement formula, changes to the CMS MIPS program, and new billable services. Below is a summary of these changes provided by the experts at Brault Practice Solutions. Federal Ban on Surprise Medical Billing At […]
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