Trends That Will Dominate Healthcare in 2019

Healthcare Trends 2019

Technology perimeters every dimension of healthcare. It offers extraordinary benefits to patients and medical practitioners. The wise use of technology in healthcare can promise patient satisfaction and cost savings, which contributes to the future of any healthcare organization. Below are the latest technological innovations that have a huge impact on the medical process and enhancing care quality and patient satisfaction.

The Digitalization Of Health Records

The introduction of Electronic Health Records (EHR) replaced paper records. Allied health roles like medical practitioners, medical record and health information technicians, and medical billing and coding professionals are benefited out of this implementation. Healthcare assistants are now responsible to update patient data into a central digitized system. EHRs can help in scheduling appointments, updating patient records with diagnostic codes, and submitting medical claims.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence still in its infancy, promises scheduling appointments with clinicians based on the severity of the symptoms, minimize staffing challenges, monitor the health status, and notifying medical assistance immediately if the parameters are out of control. AI applications in image processing can assist in areas like radiology, dermatology. There are telemedicine applications for dermatology and teleradiology.

Internet Of Medical Things (IoMT)

Healthcare IoT or IoMT refers to a connected infrastructure of medical devices and software applications that can interact with various healthcare information technology systems. IoMT can help monitor, inform and notify caregivers and healthcare providers to with actual data to identify issues before they become critical. It also allows remote patient monitoring and makes recommendations. The benefits of IoMT includes adaptability, precision medicine, automation, and objective reporting.

Mobile Application Technology

Healthcare applications are constantly being developed for both healthcare professionals and patient use. They allow greater flexibility and are inexpensive ways of facilitating high-quality services. It generates better health awareness, and assist in communication between patient and care provider. They can also assist in chronic care management, medication management, medical reference, diagnostics, and personal health record keeping.

The Cloud

As the healthcare industry is dealing with collecting, storing, and transferring huge amounts of data, the cloud allows better storage for these collected data. It uses hardware and software to deliver services via the internet. With this healthcare professionals and patients are able to access data and applications from any internet enabled device. The amassed data is stored at a low cost with strong backup and recovery services.

The impact of technology on healthcare is overall positive with benefits far outweighing the disadvantages.

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