2024 ICD-10-CM Update Enhances Chronic Migraine with Aura Coding

chronic migraine with aura

The good news for coders is that the 2024 ICD-10-CM update allows for more specific coding of chronic migraine with aura, improving accuracy and potentially helping patients access treatment.

Diagnosing Migraine: A Complex Puzzle

While the International Headache Society defines chronic migraine, pinpointing the exact type can be challenging. Migraines come in various forms, and doctors might not always use terminology that aligns perfectly with coding terms.

ICD-10-CM Migraine Breakdown

Previously, the ICD-10-CM offered codes for different migraine types like hemiplegic or chronic with/without aura. These could be further specified for aura presence, treatment response, and status migrainosus (lasting over 72 hours).

The Importance of Clear Documentation

Luckily, coders don’t diagnose, but they might need to explain documentation requirements to ensure accurate coding. For instance, chronic migraine is defined by headache frequency over three months, not the headache type itself.

New Codes for Chronic Migraine with Aura

The 2024 update introduces new codes for chronic migraine with aura:

  • G43.E: Chronic migraine with aura (excludes migraine with aura)
    • G43.E0: Not intractable (without refractory migraine)
      • G43.E01: With status migrainosus
      • G43.E09: Without status migrainosus
    • G43.E1: Intractable (with refractory migraine)
      • G43.E11: With status migrainosus
      • G43.E19: Without status migrainosus

Accurate Coding for Better Patient Care

With proper coding using these new specific options, patients suffering from chronic migraine with aura can get the treatment they deserve. This is important because a significant portion of the population experiences migraine, and accurate coding helps ensure coverage for necessary treatment.

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