Medicare Advantage Plans: A Positive Experience for Beneficiaries


Higher satisfaction with problem resolution was observed among beneficiaries who were more inclined to renew their Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare Advantage plans have garnered favorable satisfaction scores, with beneficiaries showing high approval ratings for trustworthiness, operational ease, and coverage adequacy, as outlined in a recent market research study.

The 2023 US Medicare Advantage Study encompasses insights from nearly 6,000 beneficiaries across California, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas. The study, carried out between January and June 2023, evaluates eight factors to gauge beneficiaries’ contentment with their Medicare Advantage plans. These factors include trust levels, accessibility to desired health services, time and cost-saving benefits, coverage options, operational convenience, staff interactions, problem-solving efficacy, and digital channels.

On a scale of 1,000 points, the overall beneficiary satisfaction with Medicare Advantage plans reached 652. According to the innovative US Medicare Advantage Study index model, this ranking positions within the ‘good-to-great’ range.

Notably, trust levels and problem resolution play a pivotal role in influencing beneficiaries’ decisions to renew their health plans. For instance, satisfaction in trust soared by 353 points among those inclined to renew their health plans compared to those less likely to renew. Similarly, satisfaction with problem resolution surged by 351 points among beneficiaries who expressed intent to renew their plans.

According to Market research, consumers are increasingly adopting a more sophisticated approach when researching their healthcare alternatives. Consumer-oriented brand attributes like trust, reputation, reviews, and customer ratings have emerged as significant drivers of satisfaction and customer loyalty,” highlighted, the managing director of global healthcare intelligence.

“Though many Medicare Advantage plans exhibit commendable performance in fundamental aspects, there remains untapped potential for improvement in areas such as ease of accessing care, care coordination, and the advancement of digital self-service solutions,” managing director of global healthcare intelligence stated in the press release.

The study revealed that Medicare Advantage plans were falling short in ensuring beneficiary access to care and promoting the utilization of digital tools. A mere 31 percent of beneficiaries affirmed that their plan facilitated an uncomplicated way to locate care, while 34 percent acknowledged utilizing two or more of the digital tools their plan provided.

Satisfaction scores among members experienced a substantial elevation of 158 points when beneficiaries confirmed easy access to care, and an additional 62 points were recorded when they employed two or more digital tools.

The study identified health plan ratings, information sourced directly from plans, and recommendations from fellow customers as the most influential channels for obtaining information about Medicare Advantage plans.