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Medicare Advantage Value-Based Care: Enhanced Health Outcomes

Alongside its positive impact on health outcomes, the Medicare Advantage value-based care plans implemented by an insurance provider resulted in a significant $8 billion in cost savings throughout 2022. Reports from the payer revealed that Medicare Advantage beneficiaries under value-based care exhibited improved health conditions, marked by reduced inpatient admissions and emergency room visits. The […]
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Medicare Advantage Plans: A Positive Experience for Beneficiaries

Higher satisfaction with problem resolution was observed among beneficiaries who were more inclined to renew their Medicare Advantage plan. Medicare Advantage plans have garnered favorable satisfaction scores, with beneficiaries showing high approval ratings for trustworthiness, operational ease, and coverage adequacy, as outlined in a recent market research study. The 2023 US Medicare Advantage Study encompasses […]
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare beneficiaries are increasingly drawn to Medicare Advantage plans due to the perception of cost savings and added benefits compared to Original Medicare. The pivotal choice when navigating annual Medicare decisions revolves around opting for Original Medicare or embracing a Medicare Advantage plan (also referred to as Medicare Part C) provided by private health insurers. […]
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Medicare advantage prior authorizations are often unnecessarily denied

A report by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) raises concerns about organizations prioritizing profits over patient access to care. Medicare Advantage organizations (MAOs) often delay or deny services for medically necessary care, even when prior authorization requests meet coverage rules, according to a report by the OIG. A concern with the Medicare Advantage payment […]
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Key Advantages of Medicare Advantage Plans Versus FFS Medicare

Medicare Advantage plans draw a more diverse beneficiary population and can result in lower healthcare spending for low-income beneficiaries. Medicare Advantage plans may provide better access to care and lower healthcare spending for enrollees, compared to fee-for-service Medicare, according to a study from ATI Advisory conducted on behalf of Better Medicare Alliance (BMA). “Medicare Advantage […]
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Value-Based Payment Models Associated with Lower Acute Care Use

Medicare Advantage beneficiaries who received care under value-based payment models, including two-sided risk models, saw lower acute care use than beneficiaries under a fee-for-service model. Medicare Advantage beneficiaries whose primary care organization participated in a value-based payment model saw lower rates of hospitalizations, observation stays, and emergency department visits, according to a study published in […]
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