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New Healthcare AI Tools

New AI Tools for Efficient Billing and Enhanced Testing

The integration of artificial intelligence into health IT vendor offerings for provider operations, medical testing, patient engagement, and various other use cases has led to a remarkable pace of innovation in the industry. AI-Powered Billing Assistants Seattle-based Healthtech company, established in 2021, made an announcement on Tuesday regarding the expansion of its cloud-powered AI Application […]
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How to Evaluate and Improve Telehealth in Private Practice?

With the 2022 omnibus bill, Congress ensured that telehealth payment and regulatory flexibilities will continue for at least another two years. That makes it worthwhile for physician private practices to more closely consider how to best incorporate telemedicine into their everyday workflows and ensure that patients get the best virtual care experience possible. The AMA […]
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Three Ways to Outsmart Denials in 2023

Denial rates serve as a barometer for the financial well-being of healthcare organizations. An increase in denials can have wide-ranging negative implications for an organization — impacting everything from accounts receivable to the patient experience. By preventing denials upfront, providers can realize revenue faster, boost staff efficiency and satisfaction, and reduce patient anxiety related to […]
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Key Benefits of Using Total Practice Management System

Providers draw more on-time and uncut payer reimbursements and patient payments by automating these operations with a quality practice management system Via using a quality total practice management system, your company can evade putting as much attempts into accomplishing quality work and rather find effectiveness, accuracy, and peace of mind. An integrated billing and scheduling […]
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Role of Compliance in Protecting Patients

Digital technologies are transforming healthcare by reducing human errors, facilitating the coordination of care, and improving efficiencies within medical practices. Healthcare IT enables providers to more easily manage the practice, big or small, so they can focus on serving their patients. Because of the sensitive personal and health information stored and transmitted via digital health […]
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How to Protect Small Healthcare Practices Through Automation

Amid inflation and recession concerns, organizations are cutting back on IT spending. While healthcare tends to outperform other industries when faced with economic headwinds, healthcare practices are not entirely immune to a recession. Smaller offices with fewer resources, staff members and revenue are the most susceptible to potential difficulties. So where can healthcare providers trim […]
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3 Tools to Boost Engagement with Patients

3 Tools to Boost Engagement with Patients

Adopting the right technology can help allocate or reallocate time from physicians and staff to focus on patient engagement and satisfaction. With all the pressures on physician time these days, it’s no wonder some doctors struggle to engage patients fully in their medical care, overall health and future well-being. Patient engagement efforts compete with all […]
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Documenting a Diagnosis is Critical to Patient Safety!

Documenting a diagnosis in the health record extends beyond its impact on reimbursement and quality-of-care measures.  It is also critical to patient safety. One of the more challenging aspects of the work as CDI professionals is physician engagement, which is why connecting the work to the patient level is so important.  Many providers don’t want […]
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