New AI Tools for Efficient Billing and Enhanced Testing

New Healthcare AI Tools

The integration of artificial intelligence into health IT vendor offerings for provider operations, medical testing, patient engagement, and various other use cases has led to a remarkable pace of innovation in the industry.

AI-Powered Billing Assistants

Seattle-based Healthtech company, established in 2021, made an announcement on Tuesday regarding the expansion of its cloud-powered AI Application for physician. The new addition includes generative AI capabilities that aim to enhance human talent and alleviate the burden on billing specialists.

The company is dedicated to relieving the burdens of administrative work throughout the healthcare revenue cycle. Their mission is to develop tools that effectively reduce administrative costs, boost productivity, and enhance the overall daily job experience for healthcare professionals.

In a recent announcement, the founder and CEO of Healthtech company highlighted the truly staggering amount of time that medical billing teams spend on the phone with payers.

He emphasized that it is common for medical billing teams to dedicate two-thirds of their day to this task, which not only hampers productivity but also negatively impacts job satisfaction and performance.

Healthtech leader states that PayerVA’s virtual agents efficiently handle various tasks, such as navigating payer interactive voice response systems, enduring hold times, and communicating with human representatives. These agents meticulously document information, taking comprehensive notes, and utilize GPT technology to generate narrative call and transaction summaries.

Our AI virtual agents are trained to handle routine phone-based tasks, allowing human talent to concentrate on strategic activities and enhance productivity,” stated the founder and CEO of Healthtech company.

The cofounder and CTO of the start-up studio, emphasized that the generative AI agents effectively emulate the process of experienced billing team members in creating narratives, ensuring adherence to the same stringent standards. Additionally, he highlighted the significance of leveraging Microsoft Azure for highly secure and HIPAA-compliant operations while utilizing the capabilities of GPT. He stated, “This is crucial for any company serving the healthcare industry, particularly considering that the business associate agreement mandated under HIPAA is not available when using GPT directly through OpenAI.”

Since the launch of its claims platform, the company has introduced a range of new capabilities, including prior authorizations and denials management, further enhancing their offerings.

miRNA Signatures: A Promising Tool for Early Cancer Detection

Ovarian cancer has long posed a significant challenge in terms of early detection, contributing to its high fatality rate.

As part of an exclusive licensing agreement, a leading medical equipment company have partnered with Boston-based research institute to design and develop a noninvasive miRNA-based test. This innovative test will utilize circulating microRNAs, either independently or in combination with proteins or other factors, to identify ovarian cancer in women with adnexal masses.

In an announcement on Thursday, the president and CEO of a Healthcare technology company stated, “The addition of this new non-invasive, molecular-based risk assessment tool to our portfolio represents a significant advancement in equipping physicians with valuable information for determining the appropriate treatment approach.”

The company’s ovarian cancer risk assessment portfolio will incorporate this new test. It combines noninvasive blood-based tests for initial clinical assessment of ovarian cancer risk in women with benign or indeterminate adnexal masses, along with FDA-cleared products that detect the risk of ovarian malignancies planned for surgery.

AI Powered Personalized Oncology Advisor

Belong.Life, a provider of patient engagement and community platforms, has introduced Dave, an AI oncology mentor designed to offer a higher level of support to cancer patients and their families.

In an announcement on Wednesday,  expressed, “The introduction of Belong’s AI oncology mentor, Dave, signifies a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionize the healthcare industry.”

Dave delivers intelligent, personalized, and readily accessible information instantly, thereby potentially enhancing the quality of care and life for millions of patients worldwide.

As a large language model trained on patient-physician and patient-to-patient interaction data from Belong’s Beating Cancer Together app, Dave utilizes natural language processing techniques. It has been rigorously tested by over 10,000 cancer patients.

Dave is capable of providing comprehensive and empathetic responses tailored to the challenges faced by cancer patients. Furthermore, it retains a long-term memory of previous conversations, enabling continuous communication across multiple chat sessions, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Belong’s Beating Cancer Together app offers free access to Dave, the AI oncology mentor. Additionally, it is available as a customizable software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for hospitals, healthcare providers, and patient support programs. This allows providers to incorporate their own in-house clinical guidelines for exclusive and optimized utilization.