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Benefits of Charge Capture audits

How Charge Capture Audits Boost Your Healthcare Revenue

The healthcare industry holds hidden potential for improved revenue and streamlined operations. Charge capture audits act as your key to unlock these hidden treasures. Similar to explorers seeking buried riches, healthcare organizations can embark on a quest for financial stability through these audits. This guide will explain charge capture audits, help you identify hidden opportunities, […]
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CMS Improves Outcomes & Reduces Costs with Specialty Care

Specialty care improves outcomes and reduces costs for CMS

Streamlining Specialty Care: CMS’s Innovation Center prioritizes strategies that improve personalized healthcare information, implement financial services, and support segment-based classifications. A value-based approach to care must address underlying issues and individualized care to reduce patient outcomes. CMS’s innovation strategy describes ongoing efforts to integrate personalized care into the healthcare system. Previous studies have shown that […]
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3 Strategies for Revenue Cycle Management Optimization

Optimizing revenue cycle management is crucial for recovering from the significant losses of the previous year. Leading provider organizations have developed three effective strategies to address this challenge. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, fine-tuning revenue cycle management has become a priority for financial leaders. Last year, healthcare institutions faced substantial declines in revenue […]
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Impacts of Claim Denials on Revenue Cycle

How Claim Denials and Payer Audits Impacts Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Denial rates, notably within Medicare Advantage, are on the rise, impacting both hospital revenue cycles and patient care, remarked the executive director of a Minnesota-based large multispecialty health care organization focused on Revenue Cycle management. Despite the organization reporting a favorable margin this year, it falls short in achieving profits comparable to those of insurers, […]
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4 Revenue Cycle Startegies that Conquer Denials Management

Ensuring effective denial management continues to be the foremost concern for revenue cycle leaders, emphasizing the increasing demand for streamlined processes and vigilant oversight. Over the recent months, there has been a notable surge in challenges related to denials management, presenting a multifaceted and costly issue for revenue cycle leaders. Seeking Cost-Effective Solutions? Explore the […]
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Managing Patient Account Receivables

Revenue Cycle Strategies for Managing Patient Accounts Receivable

A Guide to Accounts Receivable (A/R) The healthcare practice’s Accounts Receivable (A/R) encompasses various complexities and subtleties. The Accounts Receivable process is continually evolving, presenting numerous challenges. Although A/R challenges may not solely determine success, improving A/R turnaround time can have a significant impact. Based on an MGMA Stat poll, 56% of medical groups reported […]
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The State of Claims and Denials in 2023

How do you resolve a repeated and shooting up problem like claims denials? It’s been a fresher subject for revenue cycle management professionals for years that are only experiencing hotter with the growing pressures of staffing shortages, troubles with staff movement and instructing and developing policies and protocols at the government and payer levels. On […]
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New Medical Billing Codes You Should Know About

Physicians need to keep their billing and coding right to ensure seamless reimbursements from payers. Similarly, they should stay updated with the latest coding changes to keep their revenue cycle intact. In addition, running a successful medical practice is a daunting task as the providers need to stay updated with the industry guidelines. The year […]
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Top Trends Of Revenue Cycle In 2023

Healthcare providers before reeling down the effect of the extended period of misfortune due to COVID-19 were additionally affected by pretentious impact and rising cost of healthcare supplies. RCM leaders are currently focused on two central themes: safeguarding their revenue and maximizing efficiency with limited resources. Unfortunately, the effects of the great resignation have resulted […]
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