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7 Most Common Reasons for Claim Denials

7 Most Common Reasons for Claim Denials in 2023

When a claim gets denied, it not only affects the company’s cash flow but also impacts the patient-doctor relationship. Even some denials get claimed by re-appealing but few claims are left on air – that what something your practice and patient would like to avoid. Poor management in claim processing will negatively impact the revenue […]
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CMS Aims To Streamline Prior Authorization To Reform MA

The American Hospital Association (AHA) and Better Medicare Alliance (BMA) both support the agency’s effort to improve Medicare Advantage (MA). In an attempt to reform MA, CMS released a proposed rule that aims to streamline prior authorization, promote health equity, and curb deceptive marketing. The Biden administration has shown a commitment to increasing oversight of […]
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EHR-RCM Integration Can Improve Revenue Cycle Efficiency

Partnering with a vendor that provides EHR and RCM capabilities helped one healthcare organization boost communication and improve revenue cycle efficiency for 150 care centers. Leveraging automation for revenue cycle management (RCM) processes can streamline tasks and improve efficiencies. Specifically, partnering with an EHR vendor helped a healthcare organization to achieve $1 billion in patient […]
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Administrative Policies Are Overburdening Providers

Some commercial health insurers are using policies that can delay patient care and create burden for providers, causing relationships with hospitals to worsen, according to a survey by AHA. The association fielded responses from more than 200 hospitals in 2019 and from 772 hospitals between December 2021 and February 2022, creating data that both predates […]
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AMA says health insurance industry failing on prior auth reform

Survey shows little progress after four years of promises The American Medical Association says that despite insurance industry promises to reform and improve prior authorizations, little effort has been made to do so. This comes despite evidence that insurer-imposed authorizations can be hazardous and burdensome to patient-centered care. In January 2018, the AMA and other […]
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Patient Payments Trends To Watch

Device agnostic digital patient intake; buy now, pay later; compassionate billing; and AI-enabled customizable payment plans are four trends that rev cycle leaders should watch as the pandemic rages on. Despite promises of a “hot-vaxxed summer,” the COVID-19 pandemic is raging on, more forcefully in some places than ever before. It’s also continuing to take […]
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3 Issues Revenue Cycle Leaders Will Have To Battle In 2020

First hand experiences from the country’s most innovative revenue cycles will be shared next month in West Palm Beach, Florida. What issues keep revenue cycle executives up at night? As the HealthLeaders’ revenue cycle editor, I will moderate discussions and hear firsthand experiences of successes, challenges, and the latest ideas coming out of the country’s most innovative […]
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