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Allzone Management Solutions - Healthpac Annual User Meeting

Allzone Management Solutions is a Silver Sponsor at the 2019 Healthpac User’s Meeting in Savannah, GA.

Healthpac has announced that Allzone Management Solutions, Inc., an industry leader in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing Solutions, will be one of the Silver Sponsors for the Healthpac 2019 Annual User’s Meeting. Allzone Management Solutions, Inc., is pleased to announce that they will be exhibiting at the Healthpac 2019 Annual User’s Meeting from February 07th to February 09th, […]
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Understanding CMS Advanced Practitioner Professional Billing

Many providers are still struggling with the non-physician practitioner (NPP) billing rules from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Most facilities are now referring to NPPs as Advanced Practitioner Professionals or APPs. I get questions all the time about APP billing, and during audits many times it is found that the rules just […]
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Claims Management Automation Progresses, But Opportunities Remain

Providers and payers are increasingly adopting electronic claims management transactions, but remittance advice and prior authorizations are still largely manual. Electronic claims management adoption by plans and providers is at or above 80 percent for three of the seven transactions analyzed in the most recent CAQH Index. The CAQH 2018 Index showed adoption of fully electronic […]
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8 Chiropractic Billing Tips to Boost Revenue

A chiropractic center can receive a lot of patients every day, and the staff can be bustling. Patients coming in and out means that the center is raking some money, or so it will look like. But, with active staff and all the tools, chiropractic business would be a waste if billing was done poorly. The always […]
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Payer, Provider Trends To Watch In 2019

Ripple effects from 2018 will continue well into the new year as players deal with some massive policy and business shifts. The coming year for healthcare will see the industry reckon with some of the massive changes set in motion last year, such as megamergers like CVS-Aetna and Cigna-Express Scripts and a judge’s declaration that the Affordable Care Act is no […]
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Are You Neglecting Charge Capture?

Despite calling it “essential,” many healthcare leadership teams discuss charge capture once a month or less. Despite its importance, charge capture doesn’t get the attention that it deserves, according to a survey of revenue cycle leaders. Although 78% of respondents characterize charge capture as “essential” to their organization’s success, leadership teams at 40% of organizations […]
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Four Ways RCM Must Transform for the Shift to Value-Based RCM

Value-based care is driving transformation of many established operations within medical groups—and the revenue cycle is no different. It is likely that 2018 will be remembered as the year that value-based care became a financial reality for most U.S. medical practices. Those participating in MIPS (the Merit-based Incentive Payment System) received their first round of […]
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Try These Solutions to Avoid Authorization Denials

Authorization-related denials continue to be among the top denials for organizations. Authorization denials add to A/R days, require work to overturn, and can result in lost revenue. Here’s a list of common pitfalls and possible solutions. We’d love to hear more about your own authorization-related pitfalls and/or solutions your organization is pursing. Reach out to […]
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Allzone - Revenue Cycle Resolutions

Revenue Cycle Resolutions

  It’s a new year! While your organization’s initiatives may not have changed when the ball dropped, you can be sure that your employees are feeling a burst of motivation as they start 2019, an eagerness to tackle the tough to-dos and an energy to learn, grow, and achieve. Perhaps you’re feeling it too! Let’s […]
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Beyond Benefit Design, Provider Billing Policies Hit Families Hardest

What happens when record increases in health insurance premiums and deductibles put too much stress on patients’ pocketbooks? They delay needed care out of fear they’ll be unable to shoulder an unexpected medical expense for themselves or their families. Now more than ever, patients worry about their ability to cover out-of-pocket healthcare costs, a recent […]
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