How Telemedicine Play a Major Role In The Future Of Healthcare?

Telemedicine Future

Telemedicine is proving to be of great value to patients as well as the health professionals. The most significant innovation of telemedicine over in-person visits is the opportunity for better patient follow up and increased health outcomes. Traditionally, the hospitals recommended a treatment plan or prescribed medications, then hoped the patient followed their advice.

But once the patients leave the clinic, the healthcare people had no efficient way of knowing whether the patients followed the protocol. Video visits and remote patient monitoring allow the clinicians to reach out to the patient regularly to make sure that they are healing or appropriately managing their condition.

Several technology platforms can be used to handle the video visits. Some of the technologies even offer health systems. Whereas, the physician practices the software only, for a subscription or the license fee. A telemedicine module is combined with an organization’s electronic health record (EHR). Regardless, the healthcare provider’s documentation must meet the same as an in-person visit, and it should make its path back into the medical record.

Orthopedic department in a large multispecialty group permits a video visit for post-op care, utilizing the telehealth module in the group’s EHR. Physician assistants (PAs) observe, post-op patient appointments via live video, freeing the physicians to see new patients or they administer injections. Patients use their iPhone or iPad for a visit that is conducted using a HIPAA-compliant telehealth module in the team’s electronic health record (EHR). At the point of surgery, the staff offer the option of follow-up care in person or online.

However, all telemedicine has to be released from within the physician office or health system. There are several telemedicine services available to the consumer. Patients download an app onto their mobile device, register, enter their insurance data or credit card number, and they can be connected with a physician or non-physician provider almost immediately.

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