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HIPAA Compliance in Healthcare Cybersecurity

Navigating HIPAA Compliance in Healthcare Cyber security: Challenges and Strategies

It is important to note that HIPAA compliance in healthcare cybersecurity was an issue that was unknown 20 years ago. Technology has also progressed very quickly, which has introduced many benefits, however, it also poses a major challenge: maintaining the privacy of patient information. At the heart of these privacy concerns is the Health Insurance […]
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Top 10 Healthcare Technology Trends 2024: AI, Virtual Care, and More

Healthcare is facing an escalating crisis due to workforce shortages, expected to persist into 2024. This situation has compelled healthcare organizations to operate with constrained resources while grappling with financial strain. Concurrently, healthcare leaders acknowledge the imperative of tackling widening health inequalities and environmental issues to ensure the sustainability and inclusivity of healthcare systems. The […]
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Proven Strategies for Progressing and Sustaining Your Private Practice

Tools and support to boost the success of your practice Regardless of whether you’re a newcomer to private practice or a seasoned professional, you’re aware that the healthcare landscape is ever-changing. What was effective for your practice in the past, be it last year or last month, may not hold true today. Staying updated on […]
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5 Steps to Ensure HIPAA Compliance on Mobile Devices

Implementing HIPAA Compliance Demands Multiple Measures from IT, with Added Complexity Due to Mobile Devices. Adhere to These Crucial Steps for Ensuring Mobile HIPAA Compliance Adhering to HIPAA necessitates a vigilant approach from IT administrators, and the presence of mobile devices can amplify this challenge further. HIPAA stands as an encompassing federal statute that defines […]
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Benefits of Advanced Healthcare Technology

Benefits of Advanced Healthcare Technology for Providers & Payers

Collaboration among a diverse team that blends clinical expertise and technical proficiency is essential in today’s dynamic healthcare environment to overcome administrative and diagnostic challenges. This multidisciplinary approach facilitates the creation of healthcare technology solutions that benefit all stakeholders, including payers, providers, and patients. By adopting a more personalized approach, treatment outcomes can be optimized […]
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Cloud Based Technology Redefining Healthcare

How Cloud Technology Redefines Healthcare Future?

Amidst the challenges and setbacks faced by the healthcare industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a silver lining emerged. Providers swiftly turned to digital health technologies as resources became strained, leading to the widespread adoption of telehealth. As we navigate the path to recovery, the healthcare sector is undergoing a remarkable transformation through digital advancements. […]
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Automating Claim Processing

Automating Claims Processing in the Healthcare Industry

By utilizing automation, it is feasible to improve the upstream and downstream adjudication process through data validation and routing. The healthcare industry can benefit from automation in almost all administrative functions, but it can significantly improve the auto-adjudication rate. In an ever-changing industry, possessing technical expertise is of utmost importance. The healthcare sector is increasingly […]
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New Healthcare AI Tools

New AI Tools for Efficient Billing and Enhanced Testing

The integration of artificial intelligence into health IT vendor offerings for provider operations, medical testing, patient engagement, and various other use cases has led to a remarkable pace of innovation in the industry. AI-Powered Billing Assistants Seattle-based Healthtech company, established in 2021, made an announcement on Tuesday regarding the expansion of its cloud-powered AI Application […]
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The Risks and Benefits of AI in Healthcare

The hype around Artificial Intelligence (AI) spiked again recently with the public release of ChatGPT. The easy-to-use interface of this natural language chat model makes this AI particularly accessible to the public, allowing people to experience first-hand the potential of AI. This experience has spurred users’ imagination and generated feelings ranging from great excitement to […]
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