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The Risks and Benefits of AI in Healthcare

The hype around Artificial Intelligence (AI) spiked again recently with the public release of ChatGPT. The easy-to-use interface of this natural language chat model makes this AI particularly accessible to the public, allowing people to experience first-hand the potential of AI. This experience has spurred users’ imagination and generated feelings ranging from great excitement to […]
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Patients Prefer Telehealth For Common Illnesses

More than half of patients are concerned about the quality of care they’re receiving, according to the Software Advice survey. One of the firm’s analysts dives into the results. Telemedicine has, at long last, become very popular. But lingering concerns remain on its effectiveness for certain diagnoses and treatments. Software Advice’s 2022 State of Telemedicine […]
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The Future of Digital Health and Healthcare IT Post-Covid

Implementing and pursuing innovation in digital health and healthcare IT should be a priority for all U.S. healthcare providers and payers — especially as the lessons and response to the Covid-19 pandemic become permanently part of our everyday lives. The outbreak of Covid-19 was a “black swan” event that dramatically accelerated the evolution and acceptance […]
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Role of Compliance in Protecting Patients

Digital technologies are transforming healthcare by reducing human errors, facilitating the coordination of care, and improving efficiencies within medical practices. Healthcare IT enables providers to more easily manage the practice, big or small, so they can focus on serving their patients. Because of the sensitive personal and health information stored and transmitted via digital health […]
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How to Protect Small Healthcare Practices Through Automation

Amid inflation and recession concerns, organizations are cutting back on IT spending. While healthcare tends to outperform other industries when faced with economic headwinds, healthcare practices are not entirely immune to a recession. Smaller offices with fewer resources, staff members and revenue are the most susceptible to potential difficulties. So where can healthcare providers trim […]
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Healthcare Leaders Identify top digital transformation priorities for healthcare

A new Lumeon survey lists improving patient access, team coordination, and improving care quality as top wishes, but inadequate budgets, data silos, and inflexible EHRs remain as barriers. While the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted how huge a role technology can play in making the care process more efficient and convenient, simply revving up patient engagement tactics […]
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Industry Voices – Advancing Automation for Prior Authorization

If there’s one thing healthcare providers can agree on, it’s that prior authorization management is a heavy administrative burden and only growing heavier. Decades ago, it was created to ensure care standards continuity, improve safety and regulate costs but has become an unwieldy process filled with manual tasks and roadblocks that dilute the original intent. […]
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Top 5 Business Benefits of Early AI-Analytics Adopters

Pre-trained AI for life sciences opens endless possibilities where the application readily understands life sciences data sources, business terminologies, and key metrics. Out-of-the-box models allow for a seamless integration with enterprise applications and are easily deployed within weeks, and don’t demand any major investments in change management from the business or IT. Models that are […]
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Telehealth Reimbursement May Be Changing. How Should Providers Prepare?

The future potential of telehealth hinges on how it’s reimbursed. Virtual care may be popular among patients, but if providers can’t get paid for their services, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to continue to provide them. The government has signaled its support for reimbursing some telehealth services, at least in the short term. The Centers […]
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